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Karma Points
Life is full of opportunities to boost your good karma and LawRex provides one more. The exchange of Karma Points for referrals is the positive cycle that allows the LawRex system to subsist. Karma Points have no monetary value whatsoever, cannot be purchased individually and have absolutely no value outside of the LawRex system. The purpose of Karma Points is to provide means and incentive to keep exchanges moving.

Types of Karma Points:

Earned Karma Points: Karma Points received by members who contribute and successfully exchange a referral in the system. These points never expire.
Pro Bono Karma Points: Because we could all use a little extra karma now and then, points may be earned when a member takes a featured Pro Bono Case. No points are needed to Petition a Pro-Bono case. These points never expire.
Sign-Up Karma Points: Karma given to members when they sign-up for LawRex.
Monthly Karma Points: Karma Points given to premium Members monthly.
Promotional Karma Points: These are points that are given to members through a LawRex Promotional, when you refer a new member to LawRex, etc.
Expiration Cycles: Most good karma doesn’t last forever and neither do most Karma Points. Some Karma Points will have eventual expiration dates. All Karma points will have their expiration dates marked; please check for details. Earned Karma Points and Pro-Bono Karma Points, however, do not expire.
Usage: Sign-Up, Monthly, and Promotion Karma Points will be used by members on a “last-in first-out” basis. This means that the last Karma Point a member received from LawRex will be the first Karma Point used in that member’s next Petition. Referral and Pro-Bono Karma Points are exempt from this rule.
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