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Register: A lawyer submits the short online application and LawRex Administration will affirm the good standing of the applicant in the states the applicant has chosen. Once affirmed, the lawyer is granted access to the system and is given FREE LawRex Karma Points. The lawyer is now able to access referrals in the system that are relevant to the lawyer’s registered practice areas and states.
List Referrals: A member – the Contributor – becomes aware of a potential case with merit but is unable to take for any reason. After gathering details and permission from the client, the Contributor enters the information into the LawRex network, selects the amount of time the referral will be available, the minimum number of Karma Points he or she is requesting, and any referral fees and terms.
View Referrals: Lawyers who signed up for the legal category and jurisdiction of the referral will be alerted. If members are interested in the referral, they show interest – Petition for the lead –using Karma Points. Members indicate the maximum number of Karma Points they would like to use to Petition for the referral and the system will automatically add points as necessary. Petitioners will be alerted if another member shows more interest and may choose to increase the maximum Karma Points as necessary.
Receive Referrals: Upon expiration of the posting, the Contributor is notified of the Petitioners who allotted the most Karma Points to the referral. The Contributor has the opportunity to review the Petitioners’ profiles and may select an attorney from the list based on their qualifications, the number of Karma Points offered or both. Post verdict, the chosen Petitioner will be provided with the Contributor’s name, contact information and further details about the referral via the LawRex network. The selected Petitioner may then contact the Contributor for more information or the client directly if that information is provided via LawRex.
Earn Karma Points: The Karma Points used by the chosen Petitioner will automatically be moved into the Contributor’s account. The Contributor will then be able to use those Karma Points to Petition for referrals listed by other members of the LawRex community.
Rate Referrals: The chosen Petitioner will have an opportunity to rate the quality of the referral received. Ratings are aggregated and automatically included in the Contributor’s profile so that other members can see them in future postings. Ratings are used to encourage high quality and thorough referral postings. The Contributor will be able to provide a one-sentence response to any negative referral rating.
Nourish the system and it will return the favor. The more quality referrals you post to LawRex, the more Karma Points you’ll have to Petition for your own cases. Expand your profile and include your qualifications to improve your chances of securing referrals and growing your business. Sign up for your FREE account today.

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