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10 places to find a referral

1.Social Events – Happy hours, cocktail parties, dinner parties, barbeques, etc. It’s inevitable, when you are out trying to relax and have a good time, at least one person in the room will find out that you are a lawyer and will come to you with an issue she is having…or her brother is having…or her cousin’s roommate’s girlfriend… In any event, it is almost never an issue up your ally, and while it seems to be a perfectly viable case, there is nothing you can do to help this practical stranger and seemingly less you can do to make her stop talking about the problem. This is one of the most hated scenarios to befall a lawyer, so much so that some of us even lie about what we do for a living to avoid it! Now you can seize these situations as opportunities to help a new friend and yourself – and upon assuring your new friend that you will help her, you can get back to the party faster.

2.Family – No matter how many times you tell your aunt in Juno Alaska that you practice animal protection law as it is applied to the platypus in San Francisco zoos (and only the platypus), she is calling again insisting that you sue her podiatrist for giving her the wrong prescription, again. The whole family is looking to you in expectation, demanding that you do something about this. This is tough. You want to help, but you haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin nor do you know anyone who can help you. Turn to LawRex and find the lawyer you need.

3.Friends – You know the call or email: “Do you or anyone you know handle botched liposuction cases in South Dakota?” Now you can help your friends out without a second thought or too much effort.

4.Clients – Your clients trust your work and advice. So much so that sometimes they don’t quite understand why you can’t do everything for them and their family all over the globe. Now you can at least give them the opportunity to talk to another lawyer who can help them with the issues you can’t.

5.Colleagues – Colleagues, classmates, paralegals, interns and students send clients on to you for advice. If you can’t help them, help them find someone who can.

6.Online Networks –Social networking online has exploded with new opportunities to meet potential clients. Instead of ignoring those passing inquiries, use them in LawRex.

7.Your Website and Cold Calls – Your website and other advertising attracts clients with all sorts of questions. Instead of turning away those clients that don’t fit your practice, take their information and help them find a lawyer with LawRex. Use LawRex’s Easy Eamil Tool or Website Widget to make it even more effortless.

8.Bar Associations Services – Bar Association Legal Match Services put you on a list with hundreds of other attorneys. When they receive a request for an attorney they go down the list in order. By the time they get to you on the list, it may be at a time when you can’t take on a new case or it may be a case that doesn’t quite fit your practice area. They will not call again, however, until they’ve cycled through that list all over again. Instead of a wasted referral, post it on LawRex and get something for your patience.

9.Legal Match Service – Legal Match Services charge a hefty fee per month for all the referrals they have in a practice area and zip code. Many of the referrals you get from them may not be exactly what you are looking for. Make the most of the ones you can’t use by posted them on LawRex.

10.Association or Alumni Events – These events are great ways to network and meet new clients and colleagues.
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