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LawRex Enhances the Services you already use

We are different – LawRex referrals originate from lawyers are of higher quality and can be reviewed and Petitioned for when you are ready. LawRex is ethical, equitable and easy.

We are compatible with other services – not only can LawRex supplement the business you get through other services, you can now use LawRex to make the best of those referrals you get through those other services and can’t use.

Easy Email Invite Tool– This function allows a member to send a potential client an email one of two ways: 1. the member can give the client a email address and the email is automatically generated back to the potential client; or 2. the member sends the email to the client directly. The Easy Email is formatted and coded in such a way that it mimics LawRex's "post a referral" function. The potential client fills out the form and sends it back to the member. The member reviews the email and may choose to keep the client, discard the lead, or post to LawRex. If the member chooses to post to LawRex, the member is asked to review the information again and make any necessary revisions, adjustments or additions to the information and ensure that any private information is not found in the published portion of the posting. The member will also be asked to indicate the minimum required points, length of auction etc. Upon review, the member may post directly to LawRex.

LawRex Website Widget – The Widget provides the same functionality as Easy Email except it is a button can be placed on the member's website that leads the client into the process.

Widget for social networking – coming soon...

Cell phone tool – coming soon…

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