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Lawyer Referral Exchange (LawRex) was created for lawyers by lawyers for three reasons:

(1) To provide lawyers an online resource beyond existing referral websites that often rely on greedy and unethical practices.

(2) To give lawyers an option outside of overpriced third party advertising and marketing companies.

(3) To give lawyers a simple and equitable place to bring cases that they can’t take, find qualified co-counsel or locate freelance help.

We are all guilty of it. We come across quality legal cases that we reject regularly because they are out of our practice area or jurisdiction, we don’t have time or there is a conflict etc. If we do not readily have a good referral, we think we have no choice but to turn the client away or point them to some other organization that may or may not be able to help them.

Think about all the lawyers out there who stumble upon “our” cases and how those lawyers are probably declining those cases for the very same reasons we decline “theirs”.

What if lawyers could easily draw on these referrals for their benefit? What if there was a single efficient forum where attorneys could quickly and easily exchange those potential case leads? What if there was a tool that allowed attorneys to effortlessly find qualified co-counsel or freelance assistance?

Introducing LawRex, the first of its kind: a safe, efficient, equitable and secure online forum for lawyers to exchange legal referrals, locate co-counsel and post freelance requests. A tool unlike any available to the legal community.
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